Meet The Leg Vein Doctor

About Dr Nicholas Kemp

Dr Nicholas Kemp is a Brisbane born and educated local that attended medical school at the University of Queensland.  After graduation in 1981 he worked in the Queensland Public Hospital system before travelling to Africa and working in a rural hospital in Zululand.  Following that he undertook work in Lewisham Hospital, SE London but eventually due to adverse climatic circumstances he felt the need to return to the Sunshine State!

Nick then setup a family general practice in Mount Isa where he not only ran a busy clinic but also provided anaesthetic, surgical and obstetric services for the public hospital for 15 years.  During this time Nick developed a recurrence of varicose veins in his leg after having had them surgically stripped a few years previously.  It was while looking at treatment options for himself that he became aware of the new advances in the field of sclerotherapy. He became so intrigued by these modern methods of treatment that he decided to pursue training and relocate to the Gold Coast.

Nick commenced training with the Australian College of Phlebology under the guidence of Sydney Phlebologist Associate Professor Kurosh Parsi and honed his skills while working consecutively at the leg vein clinic and the varicose vein clinic practices on the Gold Coast.  Graduating top of the class, he was awarded the President’s Gold Medal for Sclerotherapy. Feeling there was a gap in Ultrasound training and knowing one day that he would open up his own practice, Nick enrolled in the University of Sydney’s Post Graduate Medical Sonography programme to obtain the necessary certification in this field.

When Nick does have spare time he enjoys spending it with his wife and changing his two daughter’s nappies! The family (dogs included) often head up to Noosa or Cairns to enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities the beach and reef have on offer.  In particular they enjoy spending time on building sandcastles and swimming in the sea.

Dr Nicholas Kemp
Cert. Sclerotherapy (ACP)
Grad Crt Hlth Sc Medical Sonography (Sydney)