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Vein Families

A common question at our clinic is "Do Varicose Veins run in families?"  Yes, unfortunately this is true -  if one parent has varicose veins then you have an increased risk. If both parents are affected then you have a 90% risk!

Technically it is not varicose veins that run in families but venous disease affecting the vein walls which damages the valves in the leg veins which then leads to the development of varicose veins. So not all members of the family may actually have visible varicose veins but if their leg veins are incompetent and causing venous reflux then they might be developing problems such as:

  •      Aching, swollen or itchy legs
  •      Nocturnal cramps and restless leg syndrome
  •      Eczema, brown staining or hardening of the skin

If a family member suffers with varicose veins and you have any of these symptoms then it might be recommended that you have assessment of your legs with venous ultrasound.  

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